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    “He who leads the green economy will lead the world economy"

    “Our competitors are waging a historic effort to build clean energy sources. China and Germany are right now building facilities just like this one. No one is playing for second place."

    “The Tesla-NUMMI partnership is a symbol of progress… Tesla is joining with Toyota in a venture to put a thousand skilled workers back to work manufacturing an all-electric car. And this is only the beginning.”

    "The spill in the gulf, which is heartbreaking, only underscores the necessity of seeking alternative fuel sources"

    "We're not going to transition out of oil next year, or 10 years from now, but think about it — part of what's happening in the gulf is that oil companies are drilling a mile under water before they hit ground, and then a mile below that before they hit oil. ... We're not going to be able to sustain this kind of fossil fuel use. This planet can't sustain it."

    "We are making progress, but we still have more work to do. That’s why I am going to fight to pass comprehensive climate and energy legislation in Washington, and we’re going to get it done this year. I want to create incentives that will fully unleash the potential to grow technology and jobs in this sector.”

    Some other sights below…

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    1. jurvetson 58 months ago | reply

      18 Tesla and former NUMMI folk attended

      Red Tesla

      And then we drove past the Greenpeace protestors, with placards reading "Stop Arctic Drilling"... and then past the bomb squad...

      Bomb Squad

    2. Reshma Beeranthbail 58 months ago | reply

      A friend of mine was excited that Obama was going to be in her neighborhood today, and that he was going to take the same Freeway exit that she takes to get home. That was her Facebook status update.

      And then, there's you. :-)

    3. -fCh- 58 months ago | reply

      That's the least we could say about the lessons from the oil spill.

      As for the alternative to oil, president Obama sounds rather tentative--if we were ready to put $50Bn in the next 5 years in fundamental research, we might have had higher expectations 10 years down the road.

    4. Happy Tinfoil Cat 58 months ago | reply

      "oil companies are drilling a mile under water before they hit ground, and then a mile below that before they hit oil" The water is easy to drill through ;^)

      I wish I was in a business where all you had to do was poke a hole in the ground and black gold product would gush out. Oh, and to have the entire world geared to use my product for almost every industry.

    5. Astrocatou 58 months ago | reply

      Electric cars are not really the answer...
      The energy involved in making them,batteries,plastics,etc.
      The electricity is still needed (? Chernobyl,etc etc,...)

      We all need to just stop using so much stuff,stop driving in cities...period,etc etc.
      Start walking,keep chickens,go to bed 2 hours earlier and get up ditto...
      Not that that's ever going to happen.

      I was watching a 7 year old girl today (at my local bus stop...)

      And,pardon my English...but I was actually thinking....when she is 70,this planet is going to be "F_CKED"...
      Global wisdom is a pipe dream...more like "Mad Max" probably,in the end.

      Sorry to rant...but hey...I feel better !!

    6. AGrinberg 58 months ago | reply

      Great you got to see him.

      My little rant (after Dave, above): 1 successful free condom has the potential to save 10,000 gallons of oil for the next 70 years.

      (Now I can't find the "real" number, but you get my drift.)

    7. Pieces of Eye 58 months ago | reply

      Greenpeace is a little too naive for my taste.

      I really believe clean energy is within grasp. Fission been around since WWII and fusion tech followed soon after. Sources of geo energy are as easy to spot as the moon and blowing leaves. I may be a little naive myself but it seems that if under funding wasn't an issue there would be quite a few more experimental tokamaks and the like around by now.

      Imagine what an abundance of energy could mean:
      More oil could be used for plastics (an environmentally friendly material).
      Cost of production goes down for everything.
      Energy inefficiency in recycling becomes a mute point.

      Heck with energy inefficiency a low consideration we could turn the world steampunk. Awesome!

    8. Astrocatou 58 months ago | reply


      "Geothermal energy...?"

      This is the kind of "modernist thinking" that got us as far up the creek as we already are....
      All this faith in in "technology/research"..etc,etc.
      Meanwhile everyone is so busy buying IPods and Photoshopping pictures that they just think the party is never going to end...
      I buy 2500$ of oil just to keep my house warm every winter....stupid or what ??

      Controlling the worlds population...or its ever expanding sense of self entitlement is a pipe dream...
      Obama "fixing stuff for us" is pretty sad too...I am really skeptical of our host's reverence for this guy....

      Meanwhile,the main use of the internet appears to be downloading You Tube videos of Lady GaGa (?)...self promotion and discussions of doomsday 21012...
      98% crap....
      In my next life I am coming back as a Norwegian or something...

    9. Astrocatou 58 months ago | reply


      I rest my case....

      Moving to Greenland to raise reindeer...
      PS This economic disaster going on is part of the whole unsustainability of modern life....
      You can't spend 500 trillion dollars a year on aircraft carriers, and stuff...and then expect to invest in "alternative energy" as a kind of an afterthought...
      Some drunk spilled around 10 times as much oil in Alaska 20 years ago....it did not change much I don't think...

      Gotta get a better sleeping pill....!

    10. jurvetson 58 months ago | reply

      Read Whole Earth Discipline, written by the environmentalist Stewart Brand, and you'll feel better. =)

      He writes:

      Chernobyl: The real damage to people in the region is from poverty and mental stress. Fear of radiation is a far more important health threat than radiation itself. The zone’s evacuation put an end to industrialization, deforestation, cultivation and other human intrusions, making it one of Ukraine’s environmentally cleanest regions… The world’s worst nuclear power plant disaster is not as destructive to wildlife populations as are normal human activities. Even where the levels of radiation are highest, wildlife abounds. I predict there will be a Chernobyl National Park.

      Nuclear energy has done more to eliminate existing nuclear weapons from the world than any other activity. …currently 10% of the electricity Americans use comes from Russian missiles and bombs.

      Coal is now understood to be the long-term systemic horror we once thought nuclear was.

      The future of transportation will be nuclear + renewables powering EVs of all types. We will look back to the present day and marvel that we had a billion little fires burning around the planet — the incredibly inefficent internal combustion engines that turn 80% of the oil into waste heat. We will marvel that we took that treasure trove of long-chain hydrocarbons, and just burned them.

    11. The Rocketeer 58 months ago | reply

      AGrinberg I get your drift.... you're a Eugenicist.

    12. Astrocatou 58 months ago | reply

      We must have watched the same show about wildlife flourishing the the (now depopulated) areas around Chernobyl...

      I felt a bit sorry for sounding so bitter earlier...but now I am DOUBLY reminded of the apparent negative effects over all of human activity on earth in the last 50 years...
      Natural life flourishes in our absence...even with mild radiation contamination....
      Good to know....maybe...
      I am always reminded of what Einstein said about "World War IV"

      "It will be fought with sticks"...

      Actually I am PRO nuclear energy....and maybe tapping geothermal in a BIG way...
      (heat pumps or tidal-large scale..)

      Its just that I still do not see a ton of reasons to beleive that this is going to be "fixed" before a whole lot more damage is done...
      To the enviornment,the biology etc etc.
      and thanks for listening...(!!)

    13. benjiman 58 months ago | reply

      SJ, you're SO dead on about looking back at today's transportation... I've been howling this for ages: internal combustion is one hundred year old tech that we've milked and tweaked and hot-rodded so far beyond where it should have been EOL'd and put away in the dustbins of history.

      Within 5-10 years we'll have solid, clean nuke tech that will start changing major equations. I'd love to put my own money behind the people doing that work right now.

      The problems are more political, social and financial. The latter being all the money that is still being pulled out of the ground.

    14. Astrocatou 58 months ago | reply

      That's an idea....make it a (global tax/law) that for every 1$ of profit from the oil business,...30 cents has to be invested in alternative energy source work..instantly.
      Its always mostly ALL about $$ in the end,..sadly.

    15. jurvetson 58 months ago | reply

      Dave: Regarding WW III and IV, Stewart Brand opens his book with a similarly bleak passage:

      "In all societies from hunter-gatherers on up through agricultural tribes, then chiefdoms, to early complex civilizations, 25 percent of adult males routinely died from warfare... Humans perpetually fight because they always outstrip the carrying capacity of their natural environment and then have to fight over resources... Peace can break out, though, when carrying capacity is pushed up suddenly, as with the invention of agriculture…trade, or technological breakthroughs. Also a large-scale dieback from pestilence can make for peaceful times... With climate change under way… we face a carrying capacity crisis leading to war of all against all, this time with massively lethal weapons and a dieback measured in billions."

      Rocketeer: I read Agrinberg's comment to be about population growth effects in general, not racial subsets. Americans are the most consumptive per capita....

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