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This flight went wildly unstable… just as I predicted on GeekDad…. but I had to give it a try. =)

“Flower Power” (R.I.P.) was a mélange of three rocket kits, with altimeter nosecone, and festooned with flower stickers. This flight added a D12-0 with booster fins, taped to a D12-0, taped to a E9-8.... Each motor ignites the next at burnout.

Soon after liftoff, it went into an upward spiral, but when the booster fins on the first stage fell away with a burst of blue smoke, it started to wildly flip about overhead (cue Devo: Whip it Good… Jerkin' Back 'n' Forth).

When the weight of the second booster stage fell away, the E9-rocket combo finally stabilized, but the random walk left it pointing down... So it hit maximum acceleration in a straight zoom back at us.

It landed about 15 ft. from the pad, a lawn dart under thrust.

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  1. Tripod Ape 96 months ago | reply

    You crazy guys!

    A+++ Grade Photo

  2. Damgaard, (TheObsessivePhotographer.com) 96 months ago | reply

    Really cool!

    Absolutely A Super A+++ Photo!

  3. Chris[topher] Lin 96 months ago | reply

    Great title for the path of the rocket. Better luck next time!

    Seen in a discussion of Scientist Photographers. (?)

  4. Orange_Wedge 96 months ago | reply

    Are there events in the UK or EU that I could attend? A quick search with rocketeer rocket club uk london, keywords was unfruitful. An association or keyword suggestion? Cheers in advance.

  5. jurvetson 96 months ago | reply

    Thanks y'all.

    Wedgie-orangé: I asked major Tom, and he was helpful, as always. Here are the UK high power contacts:

    Tripoli English Midlands(116)
    449 LUTON RD
    44 1582 713765

    Tripoli United Kingdom(108)
    44 20 77381544

  6. flattop341 93 months ago | reply

    Ouch! I bet that hurt!

    Hi, I'm a member of a group called Five Flickr Favs (Invite your favs too!) , and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    FFF group icon

    Check out our group's rules and our interactive discussion threads for more details.

  7. Camerist Obscured 88 months ago | reply

    Hard Hat Photography!

  8. knightoyo 86 months ago | reply

    awesome shot

    I saw this in the 50+ Faves group and Faved it.

  9. B℮n 86 months ago | reply


    I saw this in the 50+ Faves group and Faved it.

  10. HE~GOES 86 months ago | reply

    Great shot!

  11. senzapareti_01 86 months ago | reply

    How many attendants did it kill ? ;-)

  12. tschaus 81 months ago | reply

    great shot! i once converted a plastic model to a rocket with similar results.

  13. MysteryStevenson1 80 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Anti Gravity, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  14. Aurelien Moulet 77 months ago | reply

    Fantastic shot!

  15. alex_inside 62 months ago | reply

    This is realy kewl!

  16. solerena 38 months ago | reply

    Ops, predict it the right way next time around:-)

  17. solerena 38 months ago | reply

    Or i take it back: failure is truly beautiful here! Go figure.

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