Wolfram Redux

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    “When I first saw Rule 30 it came as a huge shock to my intuition, and in fact, to understand it, I eventually had to create a whole new kind of science. This science is more general than the mathematics based science that we have had for the past 300 years.”

    Nature’s Secret: “Nature is just sampling what’s out there in the computational universe.”

    “We find our physical universe in the computational universe.”

    His TED Talk video just went online.

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    1. Tomi Tapio 59 months ago | reply

      Decent photo.
      I think I had the "game of life" running on my 8-bit C64 back in the 80s.

    2. Jonathan Ruff 59 months ago | reply

      After reading his A New Kind of Science book, I came to really dislike the name. He really should have considered a better name to encompass his ideas. If you want to spread anything into the universe, it requires good marketing (and I don't specifically mean the kind used to sell cereal or ipods).

    3. AMagill 59 months ago | reply

      Wolfram is clearly an unparalleled genius, but man, what an ego the guy has. His discussion of complexity in nature arising from simple rules reminds me of Alan Turing's reaction-diffusion model for morphogenesis- basically just a cellular automata that describes the formation of nearly everything in biology, from leopard spots to cells and organs, all from the interaction of a handful of organic molecules. Here's what I came up with when I briefly became obsessed with experimenting with it.

    4. vennettaj 59 months ago | reply

      the mentioning of ego reminded me of that Russian guy that recently rejected(kinda) the million award..they all impressive though..big ego or not...or it's more like everybody has a different style....no ego left aside.. (?)

    5. sbove 59 months ago | reply

      How many billions of universes got tried before the one we're in was born? And how many exist in parallel outside ours? As many as there are stars...

      ps: is it really "computation" or more "random combinatorial"?

    6. vennettaj 59 months ago | reply

      at a certain point reminded me of a nightmare i had once about taking a test ..i was supposed to describe mathematically a piece of poetry..and everybody around me was writing like crazy..and i couldn' even start..
      ..would be great that thing comes up with something like "42"...i'm sure i'm not the only one to have that thought listening to this(if i understood at all what the talk's about..around the end part)
      it also sounded like creating a space where the universe can start describing itself..if clicks (god, make me shut up :P )

    7. Eppie 59 months ago | reply

      Nature’s Secret: “Nature is just sampling what’s out there in the computational universe.”

      Hahahaaa... or vice versa. But I get the point.

      I have great respect for this fellow... will watch that TED Talk at the next opportune moment. Thanks.

    8. benjiman 59 months ago | reply

      I digested New Kind of Science and while I'm in awe of the work involved... The Taoist part of me finds it a bit obvious.

      Math is Nature
      Nature is Math
      Trees up
      Trees down
      Everything implies
      Everything Else

    9. jurvetson 59 months ago | reply

      strange loops of beauty,

    10. j_silla 59 months ago | reply

      :) Well you have soon all the quantum computing capacity. What if you gave the computer a shape and have it figure out the rule? Shape of a mouse DND for example. Then would it not be possible to have the computer grow from the equation the virtual mouse (or biological one) not just the dna?

    11. paranoidroid 59 months ago | reply

      i used to work for that guy!

    12. Eppie 59 months ago | reply

      I finally had a chance to see the video (my computer has crashed big time so I have to briefly use someone else`s until... whenever...) and while I did not understand every detail, I got the jist of things and... I must say that his new project sounds so exciting! Wow! Hope people do get involved (are prizes really necessary? Reaching the goal is a prize in itself!). Cool!!!! And I mean this first from the point of view of computational key to the existence of universes, especially ours... the detail interests me less at the moment... to me it seems that the details would be worked out automatically as a result.

      No time to see your other posts, due to limitations on time on the borrowed computer... hopefully next time. Have a nice weekend!

    13. I is 59 months ago | reply

      I've heard it all before

    14. jgury 57 months ago | reply

      I've studied now Philosophy
      And Jurisprudence, Medicine,
      And even, alas! Theology
      All through and through with ardour keen!
      Here now I stand, poor fool, and see
      I'm just as wise as formerly.
      Am called a Master, even Doctor too,
      And now I've nearly ten years through
      Pulled my students by their noses to and fro
      And up and down, across, about,
      And see there's nothing we can know!
      That all but burns my heart right out.
      True, I am more clever than all the vain creatures,
      The Doctors and Masters, Writers and Preachers;
      No doubts plague me, nor scruples as well.
      I'm not afraid of devil or hell.
      To offset that, all joy is rent from me.
      I do not imagine I know aught that's right;
      I do not imagine I could teach what might
      Convert and improve humanity.

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