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Bill Gates – the Nuclear Future | by jurvetson
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Bill Gates – the Nuclear Future

…with his jar of fireflies on stage.


Bill Gates: "If you gave me only one wish for the next 50 years, it'd be to invent the thing that halves the cost energy with no CO2. This is the one with the greatest impact."


Pretty sweeping statement for someone involved with many public health and welfare projects… (around minute 17:00)


Gates: “We need an energy miracle. Usually we don’t have a deadline. This is a case where we have to drive at full sped and get a miracle on a tight timeline.”


“All the batteries on Earth can store less than 10 minutes of the world’s energy needs.”


The video of his talk just went online.


My favorite parts are near the end, especially the Q&A on new nukes (fast breeder reactors that burn a U238 duraflame log for 60 years, with 99% efficiency vs 1% for today’s U235 reactors. No fuel to reload or waste to ship around. Existing nuclear waste could be used as fuel. He is funding Nathan Myhrvold’s Terrapower, which be testing this new reactor… in Russia (update: now China)). Around minute 19:00


By a show of hands, 75% of the TED audience was already pro-nuke as the solution.

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Taken on February 12, 2010