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Richard Branson Retrospectacle

Seeing the image on the screen with Pam Anderson:

“It’s a tough job, isn’t it. The lawyers say we mustn’t do things like that.”


“I owe Goldie Hawn an apology. When she told me she was engaged, I put her wedding ring on, and we couldn’t get it off. I had to get it cut off.”


Virgin Group: $25B and 55K employees.


“I’m dyslexic and would have failed an IQ test. In business, I don’t know the difference between net and gross. It makes the board meetings interesting.”

Q: The $25B is gross, right?

“Well, I hope it’s net.”


Q: Virgin Brides. What went wrong?

“We could not find any customers.”


Q: Can you use your knighthood for anything?

“Well, it helps in getting a booking at a restaurant.”


“Growing up, I was never allowed to watch TV.”


(Here's the Rocket Boys photo shoot that followed)

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Taken on March 10, 2007