Moore Fish

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    Salmon fishing with Gordon Moore near Mavericks. Still searching for Moore's Law of fishing....

    The closest contender (as he was holding my wife's fish): "In my experience the women always seem to catch the biggest, the most unusual or, in some way or other, the most special fish."

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    1. benjiman 108 months ago | reply

      I think this Fish Law is demonsterably true. My Gramma caught the most absurdly sized fish off of their dock on Puget Sound all the time. Must find pics....

    2. menlo 108 months ago | reply

      Intel inside that salmon?

    3. TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ 103 months ago | reply

      Omega3 inside.

      Powerful, too.

    4. Stownley 103 months ago | reply

      I understand this photo is licensed with a creative commons license. Would you contact me via email at I've got a question about use. Thanks,


    5. jurvetson 102 months ago | reply

      Shaun: thanks for the DVD. Very, very cool.

      From flickr to The Charlie Rose Show

      Alieness: Omega3.... the post-Pentium brand.

      Looking to the future again, Moore recently made a sizable donation to Caltech to “establish the Nanoscale Systems Initiative (NSI). The grant will support one of the scientific and technological community's promising research avenues--the creation of extremely tiny devices to augment and in some cases displace the state-of-the-art electronic systems of today.” (press release)

    6. TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ 102 months ago | reply

      You convinced him about donating to the nano cause that day because he was very happy with his fish and didn´t mind a thing...!!!! ;)

      Seriously, it is a great thing. How do you see this event: Does it still belong to the 'Moore´s Law Age'... or it better belongs to the first moments of that next age you describe and envision in your "Transcending Moore´s Law" text? Both? Or may it be declared in retrospective as one breaking point in the paradigm shift of electronic systems?

      You know how the song goes: if Gordon does this, many will happily follow. If Gordon says: 'Go Nano', the world will say 'we will'.

      Jesus, if he said something and became a Law! Ey... uhmmm... I´d love going fishing with such a person.

      Btw, as I am very chatty today (trying to keep the high spirits against the odds) Intel had announced a huge investment in Argentina a couple of months ago. I was happy for that. But yesterday the minister of economy, Mr Lavagna, (storm pilot since 2002) resigned... and this has not been well received in the States (neither here). I fear that important investments like that one would be freezed, due to a new uncertain political context.

      Remember that bugs bunny cartoon in which he is hanging from moon and screams to a handy (connected to NASA) "Get me out of hereeeeeeeee" =(

    7. TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ 102 months ago | reply

      My kindom to see this cartoon again!

    8. jurvetson 91 months ago | reply

      fun memories.... I just learned that this photo is also used for the wikipedia entry on Gordon Moore.

    9. LA Lassie 84 months ago | reply

      Your wife's fish...BRAVO. Where's her shot?

      I have faved and tagged your picture with BRAVO and this serves as an invitation to The Best: BRAVO.

    10. Philosoap [deleted] 80 months ago | reply

      Hmmm...wife? Never see pics of her. Estes rockets. Famous dudes. TED Prize winners. Even Lego toys. But no spouse. Hmmm...

    11. jurvetson 80 months ago | reply

      There are a few. If you are so very curious, it can be a scavenger hunt for you. =)

      She has the final filter of photos of her and our children, and she lets me post very few of her.

    12. Philosoap [deleted] 80 months ago | reply

      I respect that VERY much. :-) Since you're a reasonably public individual its good to have a private side.

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