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Tesla Sedan on Letterman

the first car to drive on the Letterman stage. With zero emissions, it is fine to drive indoors.


Letterman segment last night, interviewing CEO Elon Musk, and introducing Elon Musk for Men…. (image below)


Letterman has bought a Tesla Roadster, which drives like a "bat out of hell", and he shares his concern (or maybe hope?) that it will "magnetize his nuts."


At the end, when Elon shares the price of the car, he says twice that there is a “very important point” but Letterman gets distracted by the ladies and his electric car antics… and so it ends with a cliffhanger.


I had to ask Elon, and here it is:

“I was trying to say that the Model S is really only about as expensive as a Ford Taurus when you figure in the gasoline cost savings!”


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Taken on April 30, 2009