Dolphin Crest

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    In the ocean near Kona.

    “Dolphins have a massive new brain area, the paralimbic lobe, that we do not possess. The paralimbic lobe is an outgrowth of the cingulate gyrus, which is known to elaborate social communication and social emotions in all other mammals. Thus, dolphins may have social thoughts and feelings that we can only vaguely imagine.” (Steven Johnson, Mind Wide Open, p.225.)

    A recent update: "Despite the divergent evolutionary paths of dolphins and primates -- and their vastly different brains -- both have developed similar high-level cognitive abilities" such as mirror self-recognition.

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    1. !efatima 117 months ago | reply

      i love em. cool shot.

    2. Corydora 116 months ago | reply

      Fantastic shot - there's nothing more amazing than being in the middle of a big group of dolphins.

    3. dalesgirl [deleted] 116 months ago | reply

      Oh so beautiful!

    4. halloo9 114 months ago | reply

      and i watched some dolphins. dreams can come true :-)

    5. baba93552002 113 months ago | reply

      Wow! I love this amazing picture!

    6. dolphunangel 112 months ago | reply

      awesome picture. you are so lucky to have been able to experience thay moment!!!

    7. Paul Linton 103 months ago | reply

      Phenomenal shot!

    8. shenxy 103 months ago | reply

      good shot, though a little over exposed.

      The World Through My Eyes

    9. bsmith4815 103 months ago | reply

      nice capture!

    10. LA Lassie 101 months ago | reply

      I would like to invite you to add this great photo
      to the QEMD "Finch" Group (No Rules - Just Educational)

    11. danielle_null_23_21 100 months ago | reply

      Hey that picture is cute

    12. jurvetson 95 months ago | reply

      glyph_hunter: you have cracked the code...

    13. earthpages 63 months ago | reply

      lovely lovely lovely! thanks for the ccl; i've blogged this here:

    14. midwestjournal 63 months ago | reply

      Thanks for making this Creative Commons license. I've used it in a blog post and presentation with the 3rd lesson to getting your self scam free. This presentation covers Maslow's hierarchy of needs. It's hosted on that page and here's the scam free online 3rd lesson slidecast. Hope to see the rest of your stuff soon!

    15. Hawaii Wow! 60 months ago | reply

      Beautiful photo! Posted it at

    16. michellebarryfranco 35 months ago | reply

      so beautiful! I'm using it on my blog at Thank you for sharing!

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