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Robot Warfare

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..by Israel

“What message does the other side take from this? They see it as cowardice.”

In the opening session of TED, P.W. Singer’s tales of the thousands of robots fighting in Iraq syncopated to the surreal images behind him (video).

Drone pilots are fighting in Iraq from the comfort of middle-America. After a day of fighting, they drive home to have dinner with their children. The incidence of PTSD is higher among them than the average war fighter.

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  1. PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE 117 months ago | reply

    "The incidence of PTSD is higher among them than the average war fighter. "

    What's his theory about that ?

  2. jurvetson 117 months ago | reply

    Not sure... but it would be difficult to externalize war as hell when it's woven into the daily commute. On the flip side, SInger is concerned that one of the impacts of detachment is the dehumanizing of war-fighting, not only of the target, but also of of the robo-puppeteer.

    How is BIL?

  3. PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE 117 months ago | reply


    BIL is going Superbe !
    Cool speakers, great peoples , talks and atmosphere. You would love it. You should try next year ; )

    Here is the first Photon of BIL with someone you know ; )


  4. curiousbrandt 117 months ago | reply

    It looks like this robot has driven over a person?

    I think the high incidence of PTSD may have to do with the incongruity between the two worlds of war and suburbia. More specifically with having to switch daily and the how little sense each makes inside the other. When everything around you is war, you can get lost in that world, but to have to process that against family dinner every night has got to be a mindfuck.

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  5. jurvetson 117 months ago | reply

    Yes, those were the words I was looking for....

    And yes, that's a person under the robot

  6. sbove 117 months ago | reply

    Modified Turing test: artificial intelligence will exist when a swarm/tribe/pack of hunter-killer robots can out-wit and whoop a pack of humanoid hunter-killers.

    This would require high levels of improvisation (instant comprehension, inference, rule adaptability), team work (real-time reaction & communication between parties acting for mutual benefit), extreme physical agility in a non-uniform environment, and highly intelligent offensive/defensive calculations - all elements of total human intelligence.

    We are a long way from building such robo-SEALs. But the mere thought of them being possible gets my blood up.

    Better re-watch The Terminator tonight ;-)

  7. jurvetson 115 months ago | reply

    sbove - yes, a neural skynet, the likely path to AI futures, IMHO.

    Meanwhile, the video of his talk & robo-slideshow is now online.

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