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RocketMavericks 2009 Project?

Or just a dream?


On Saturday, Tom and the core Mavericks team visited the SF-88L facility near San Francisco for sizing and measurement for a 1:1 scale Nike Hercules rocket.


Four Q motors would stage to an S motor in the upper stage, making this the biggest hobby rocket ever attempted. At .9 million Newton-seconds of impulse, it’s getting close to a shuttle booster.


Makes ya pucker up. ;-)


This photo of Wedge is by his wife. In 2006, I watched wide-eyed as Wedge successfully flew a Nike Ajax booster on a home-brew Q motor – which is ¼ of the booster section of this project. (Photos, you can see the resemblance)


Erik took some great photos; here you see the Mavericks team contemplating the inter-stage coupler.


There is a lot to learn with a project like this, toward the dream of a civilian space launch. And it’s currently under debate in the Mavericks club – can we build it and will they come (i.e., can we get donations for a project like this)?


Some are concerned that the symbolism of a nuclear ABM might scare the neighbors. So I suggested that we paint it pink. I was happy to then discover that Telstar Logistics, our kinder, gentler and virtual Halliburton, is ahead of the curve here


The 2008 project, QP Doll, was a Q motor staging to a P.


And here is Wedge’s site with details on the Nike Hercules project.


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Taken on January 3, 2009