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Big Day for Elon Musk

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At SpaceX this morning in Los Angeles. This is Elon's office.

I just saw the Tesla Model S Sedan (hidden in a tent in the bowels of SpaceX) and did an impromptu proof read of his announcement today that he is becoming the CEO of Tesla.

(SpaceX and Tesla… kinda like Apple and Pixar for Jobs)

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  1. PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE 79 months ago | reply

    Back from SpaceX =) How was it ?

  2. jurvetson 79 months ago | reply

    Still here... I made a special request to see the entire Flight 1 video.... wow...

  3. PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE 79 months ago | reply

    Still here......yet....
    A special request to see the flight ???
    Ho !! So that' s why NASA took that picture, this weekend....

    SpaceX and Tesla… Here it is ! =)

  4. Apollo 11 79 months ago | reply

    Good to see NASA's Lunar Soundstage back up and running -- they'll need it again soon. :D

  5. pegleg000 79 months ago | reply

    Flight 1 or Flight 4?

    They are having a very good Autumn, aren't they? ;-) Congrats!!!

  6. jurvetson 79 months ago | reply

    Flight 1! Flight 4 has an awesome video online, grooving to Crystal Method. Flight 1 had the motor shut off about one mile up... Think how that plays out...

    PhotonQ: I love it!

    The Model S is absolutely gorgeous by the way, and it has more people and luggage space than any sedan... Enabled by having batteries and motors all low down below the wheel line. And with a cool trunk option, it can carry 5 adults and 2 kids. Many Apple analogies come to mind regarding the HCI...

    P.S. Elon's announcement is online.

  7. microgravity 79 months ago | reply

    That's too bad about the loan delays. Looking forward to the model S myself... Because it sounds like a great family vehicle, & because the Big 3 have failed to actually innovate and deserve to feel the consequences. Go Tesla!!

  8. wayer 79 months ago | reply

    Steve, next time you see Elon, ask him to get cracking on a Tesla SUV vehicle.

    Lot's of folks actually need a 4-wheel drive vehicle with high clearance. An all-electric 4x4 would yield enormous weight savings by removing the transmission, and each one sold would replace a traditional gas-guzzling SUV.

  9. paranoidroid 79 months ago | reply

    Pretty amazing to think he's heading two of the most ambitious companies of today. I have a friend at SpaceX and get to hear some good stories.

  10. pegleg000 79 months ago | reply

    "..with a cool trunk option, it can carry 5 adults and 2 kids"

    Is that legal?-) I have to admit, there were times when my two kids made me think of the trunk as an option.... for me!-)

  11. jurvetson 79 months ago | reply

    I can just imagine the focus group: wow, wouldn't it be great if the screaming kids were outside the car compartment altogether...

    The rumble seats of the early '30s circulated noxious exhaust from the rear turbulence, and they were abandoned (not sure if by law or market forces). The electric car has zero emissions...

    I suggested that the chairs be rear-facing and have stationary bike pedals connected to little generators. =)

    Droid: did you see the Flight1 videos by any chance? As a rocketeer, you might appreciate what happened... premature motor cutoff only one mile up.... no stage separation in that scenario...

  12. wayneOs 79 months ago | reply

    Fast electric cars for everyone, very cool...... I can wait to see the Model S and Apple analogies.
    Congratulations to Elon, with thanks for shaking up a two rather stagnate industries…..
    Time to for Elon to get moving on the electric rocket motors yet?

  13. jurvetson 79 months ago | reply

    A teaser shot of the Model S and photos of the two chaps in this photo is in the current Business Week:

    This is the chief designer of the Tesla sedan, Franz von Holzhausen, formerly chief designer for Mazda North America.

  14. !MimosaMicheMichelle! 76 months ago | reply

    I am watching the David Letterman show (January 14-15) and Clint Eastwood just mentioned the Tesla! Great publicity!

  15. jurvetson 65 months ago | reply

    He will be doing a public talk in the Bay Area in April... I noted the title: "Über Entrepreneur: An Evening with Elon Musk". NIce.

  16. Reshma Beeranthbail 37 months ago | reply

    A-ha! I knew you were friends! Saw him on Jon Stewart Show.

    Begs the question - why aren't you on Jon Stewart? ;-)

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