Mavericks Team Picture

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It has been quite the team project with contributors from coast to coast – motors poured from scratch, machined graphite nozzles and aluminum couplers, fins with counter-sunk screws from within, hydraulic lifting launch pad built from scratch, computational fluid dynamics modeling for supersonic flight on a SGI workstation…

A huge effort from (pictured): Major Toma, Wedge, Dick, Rouse, Neil & Bob, Becky & Jim (holding the big blue sack of thermite, the igniter for the Q-motor in the booster stage)

  1. P_I_O_T_R 68 months ago | reply

    Looks very impresive. Good work ... Succesfuly launched to earth orbit? :)

  2. rocketmavericks 68 months ago | reply

    Dream Team of Rocketry - Missing is Erik Charlton (Photographer), Richard Hagen, Rob Briody, Seth Wallace, John Coker, our chuck wagon master Victor Riece

  3. jurvetson 68 months ago | reply

    thanks for completing the list! Erik was dutifully shooting the group at the time, and so his presence here is missed (but this particular shot was by the "rocket pit crew" Jr. Mavericks acolyte)

  4. ~Reshma~ 68 months ago | reply

    Where are McCain and Palin in the picture? Bad joke, I know. ;-)

  5. Victor1 68 months ago | reply

    We're making room for them in the rocket.

  6. tylerpdx 68 months ago | reply

    Still amazed at how pretty that coupler was.. Still trying to decide what was more impressive, the rocket or the crater.

  7. jurvetson 68 months ago | reply

    Yeah, Dick is a master machinist!

    And the forward igniter (not visible) is pretty cool too:

    Here’s a final test video where Tom detonates the separation charge to make sure the machined aluminum structures will work to separate the booster and sustainer stages of the rocket.

  8. jurvetson 67 months ago | reply

    RocketsMagazine has a great video montage, opening with this launch...

    Videos best viewed full screen size.

  9. jurvetson 67 months ago | reply

    tyler: That amazing coupler was the missing clue as to the final fate of the rocket. A shard of it was found at the crater. The CSI report from Dick concludes: "We now know that the booster did not separate from the sustainer, and that the booster followed the sustainer right into the playa and left behind a couple of traces of its prior existence."

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