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    437 lbs on the pad.

    85,000 NewtonSecond Q motor ignites (4x a Cruise Missile Booster motor).

    Breaks Mach1,
    climbs to 16K feet,
    pops enormous 26 ft. wide parachute (bought on eBay),
    shock cord zippers the top tube,
    lands about 5 miles down the playa.

    With a larger Nike Ajax upper stage replacement, she should be ready to fly again next year.

    1. BenODen 92 months ago | reply

      Vera nice! That's the most impressive cloud of dust you've captured. I can almost hear the launch, though it's probably shorter duration than what I'm hearing in my minds ear. (It has one of those too, not just eyes any more.) with a launch like that, it's not surprising the FBI took interest! LOL.

    2. zenera 92 months ago | reply

      better than burning man ;))

    3. jurvetson 92 months ago | reply

      you betcha! With much more burning.... ;-)

      BenO: It had a deep earth-shaking roar. Those of us crazy enough to stay near the pad felt a wonderful subwoofer body buzz

      You can see chunks of playa clay high up on the left size... Slow and low, that is the tempo...

      For a sense of scale...

      BALLS 15

    4. BenODen 92 months ago | reply

      So, was that closer to 1/10 of a second after launch, or a second after launch? My best guess is the second time scale. Close enough for a body buzz.. Don't tell your son, he'll want to come too, and that of course would, uh, make certain other people worry doubly...

      Definitely a real Rocket with a capital R. Are there regulations against active guidance?

    5. gtmcknight 92 months ago | reply

      Awesome work, these shots are really exciting!

    6. christophercarfi 92 months ago | reply

      >Slow and low, that is the tempo...

      heh. the beasties show up everywhere.

    7. !MimosaMicheMichelle! 92 months ago | reply

      That is beautiful! Awesome!

      But, lol, do they go somewhere? Can I get a ride?

    8. jurvetson 92 months ago | reply

      gocarrt: will try to process some video later....

      BenODen: somewhere inbetween... A second or two from first smoke, but less than a second of roar at this point.

      Mimosa: They go up! Then then come down. Hopefully by parachute.

      Christophercarfi" Right you are. Beasties everywhere. With a number of the launches, the right Beastie Boy visual is their early album cover art:

    9. Telstar Logistics 92 months ago | reply

      Are you serious about the Nike Ajax replacement? Are they really available? *drool*

      Also, how far up did it go, and... how did it come down?

    10. antenne 92 months ago | reply


    11. jurvetson 92 months ago | reply

      Telstar: They simulated 19K feet. A team member told me they reached 16K feet, and then came down on a 26-foot parachute... five miles down the playa.

      As for the future, there are a lot of details at

    12. NeiK85 [deleted] 92 months ago | reply

      Incredible! Great shot and very interesting information. I hope you'll post a pic next year as well!


    13. CherokeeJ 88 months ago | reply

      BenODen says:
      Definitely a real Rocket with a capital R. Are there regulations against active guidance?

      Most definitely. No active guidance allowed. These are "amateur rockets," not missiles.

    14. Michael DaKidd 80 months ago | reply

      Hot Damn!!!
      You mean to tell me I can buy a rocket!?! How much, how soon? :)
      Fabulous shot, story, links, info, food for thought.... Art. Fave.
      The World Through My Eyes

    15. vizzo 80 months ago | reply

      amazing.I think it is more amazing that you arranged it to get this capture the actually making it.
      Seen in: :

    16. tacletter 41 months ago | reply

      Pretty cool photos. I spent many a summer day 45 years ago at the beach for US service members at Fort Tilden in NYC which was a Nike missle site. It seems that almost everyday there was a Nike firing drill where a siren would blow, the silo doors would open and a missle would rise up out of the ground. I always wished that they would light one off.

    17. lee6649 26 months ago | reply

      Hi Steve, just letting you know I linked to you from my Best Weight Training Exercises page on my website.
      Thanks for sharing your amazing picture!

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