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    …was BIG this year! Three Q motors on Saturday. This is just a quick snap from the 700 photos I took… Jeff is driving this scale Nike Smoke back in a Penske truck this evening, and the FBI came knocking back at home to ask a few questions.

    Many explosions and screaming missiles…. Teams from Missouri, Pittsburgh and Scotland. Very unusual failures of experimental motors and aluminum rockets. Mach 3. 93K ft. altitude with video of space. Whew! Lots of great stuff to share. =)

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    1. BenODen 92 months ago | reply

      *drool* Duuuude. That is just something else. The juxtuposition of military hardware (Ok, likely facimily) and the casual guys is fun. I hope you got a good shot of this bad boy takin for the stars.

      *rubs his hands together* This should be a fun couple weeks! (months? Is it too much to ask that you got THAT many amazing photos?)

    2. Leino88 92 months ago | reply

      700 pics this weekend..
      you'll be switching from Iphoto to Aperture pretty soon at this rate!
      ...can't wait to see some of the oddities that made it off the launch pad!
      (isn't it fun balancing photo-editing with the rest of yer life?)

    3. Todd Huffman 92 months ago | reply

      Dude!!! That is a serious rocket!!!!

    4. jurvetson 40 months ago | reply

      heh, Cracked has solicited 150 funny captions for this photo..... including:

      "And just like that, Todd's Boy Scout troop had become a nuclear power."

      "...and somewhere, Dick Cheney is touching himself."

      "The soon to be winners of the Mid-West Kite Flying Contest"

      "Carl! You dumb ass! You're not wearing any sunscreen! Put your shirt on!"

      "Umm... guys? You're not supposed to TRY to win the Darwin Awards."

    5. social_advances 37 months ago | reply

      wow thats impressive

      action now....

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