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Statuesque Obama

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In the posturing and deliberations over Obama’s comment about the comforts of guns ‘n religion during his last trip to California, a pocket of politicians happily descend with hair-trigger atavism into the cozy ruts of medieval thought…

I found my notes from Obama’s recent talk in Silicon Valley, at the home of Sara & Sohaib Abbasi, CEO of Informatica:

Q&A about the “third war” – young people killing each other on the urban streets:

We need sensible gun laws. I just got back from Montana where just about everyone has guns. In that culture, fathers and sons bond over hunting. You can’t take that away from rural America. But the inner city is different, and we should tighten the laws on gun purchases and close the loopholes in gun show sales to unscrupulous buyers. The gun control people and the right to bear arms people are talking past each other about disconnected topics.

The other problem is that many 10-year old brown and black kids are not relevant to the economy. They know they are irrelevant, and they don’t react well to it. They turn to the drug trade and violence.

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  1. nels1 73 months ago | reply

    i happened to read this article recently about Obama and donations...

  2. Steven Hegarty 73 months ago | reply

    is he a stand up

  3. San Diego Shooter 73 months ago | reply

    congrats on explore...perfect portrait

  4. nomadica 73 months ago | reply

    very nice one, thanks for posting.

  5. msamaclean © 73 months ago | reply

    My hopes are high.
    I'm rather disgusted at the phony "shock" of Hillary & John Mc. from Mr. Obama's statements of late! He spoke a simple truth & they know it, (though maybe not expressed the best way he could have)
    Excellent shot of the next President of the United States!

  6. FrodoBabbs 70 months ago | reply

    I used your picture for my weekly photoshop contest creation. Thanks.


  7. firepit16 69 months ago | reply

    I hope he take's all 57 states in the election.

  8. risamay [deleted] 65 months ago | reply

    You really took some iconic images, Steve.

    Kudos. And thanks. Again.

  9. P/\UL [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

    Great photo. My variation:

    Le Prez

    Thanks for sharing (cc).

  10. bcg~art 64 months ago | reply

    yes, a stately portrait.
    yes, we did. !

  11. heavenuphere 63 months ago | reply

    I just remembered I saw this photo in the Feb. issue of a Dutch library magazine. I recognized your flickr name.

  12. agenziami 61 months ago | reply

    Great shot!
    We published to illustrate our news.
    Thanks so much for making this beautiful image available under the Creative Commons license.

    Bello scatto!
    Lo abbiamo pubblicato per illustrare la nostra notizia.
    Grazie molte per aver rilasciato questa bella foto con Creative Commons license.

  13. Monica's Dad 59 months ago | reply

    Why should city dwellers not have the same Constitutional rights as country folks? This nuanced thought is what you'd expect from a totalitarian -- it's exactly what Hitler did in Germany. Banned guns in cities, where communists and socialists (who opposed his Brown Shirts) were concentrated, while leaving the country volk in possession of their arms. Let's see if we can follow the nuanced logic here -- in Montana, everyone has a gun and there's hardly any violent crime, while in cities it's already much harder for law-abiding citizens to get guns and the bad guys run wild with their already illegal, undergound weapons. And the lesson from this is... wait for it... push even harder and faster for more of the same. Disagree though me may, I support you lefty urbanists in your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms without ANY government regulation. I've already got my guns. And the criminals have theirs. Why shouldn't you have yours, too? Can't we trust liberals with the means to defend themselves?

  14. Eduardo Loureiro 56 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Against Rights, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  15. Ross Tucknott 56 months ago | reply

    Great moment captured there - he looks really statesman-like.

    I've just used the image for an article about Obama targeting fossil fuel subsidies at my company's blog at Energy-Saving News.

    Keep up the fantastic photos - I love 'Icarus at Night'!

  16. jgury 32 months ago | reply

    Why the atheist tags? Hmmmm.

  17. jgury 19 months ago | reply

    That is his Indonesian made ring and they put that inscription on everything from coconuts to the spa Julia Roberts visits in "Eat Pray Love"

  18. jgury 19 months ago | reply

    "The other problem is that many 10-year old brown and black kids are not relevant to the economy. They know they are irrelevant, and they don’t react well to it. They turn to the drug trade and violence." As opposed to having them take a big step up Obama's sociological economic ladder so they can bitterly cling to religion and to guns, which they do get to keep.

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