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Brighthawk Video Rocket

Frame grab from the strap-on videocam on the Brighthawk modified cluster rocket.


Originally set up to be a drag race, Erik's Minnie Magg on a J500G motor was a little slow coming up to pressure, but then he blasts past me in the blink of an eye (from the center to the top right corner).


My two booster motors were supposed to ignite by computer to make it a closer race, but alas, everything worked except that both igniters failed to provide enough burn to actually light the Blackjack propellant in the boosters. (Next time, I'll go with something easy like G40s for the airstart boosters.)


So I did not get much altitude. In the video, the parachute swivel helped reduce twisting on the return. And upon ground landing, you can see one of the heavy unlit motors pop out of the back.


Past drag races with Erik have been a tie, and we have tried many times to catch one rocket launching from another, but here we finally caught it during ascent. (video)


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Uploaded on April 7, 2008