Google's Master Plan

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The Master Plan has many paths. Some turn to the dark side, and most lead to user happiness…

(Text is more readable at full size, or next frame, and people have added mouse-over notes for many of the steps)

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  1. background.checker 68 months ago | reply

    yeah chaizilla, i believe public background check won't be there. lolz!

  2. 198401 65 months ago | reply

    thank you !good picture

  3. ashithmr 63 months ago | reply

    Interesting Plan.. Let me replicate their Business Model toooooo.. ;)

  4. Erik Charlton 62 months ago | reply

    Google's Master Plan

    And finally...The creator of the Google Master Plan, Amet Patel, meets Mr. J at TED 2009.

  5. svtuition 60 months ago | reply

    Good picture but how to add website links

  6. amitp 58 months ago | reply

    If you zoom in you'll see “Browser” leads to “Google OS” leads to “Network computer”.

  7. RalfLippold 53 months ago | reply

    Pretty cool and awesome way to extent the opportunities windows of the future of Google (or any firm - we are working on it for @LockSchuppen, a FutureLab2056, PeerAcademy and CoWorking space in the middle of Dresden, Germany).

  8. sourav anand 50 months ago | reply

    O realy nice think about him

  9. bloomingteaman 43 months ago | reply

    interesting and funny!
    barn plans

  10. JC-Matt 10 months ago | reply

    Wow, Android AND ChromeOS, and Keyhole++, Evil ... and almost everything in green - so much came true!

  11. jimcronin 9 months ago | reply

    Thank you for sharing under CC.Using in a blog post re planning tomorrow,with attribution. All the best

  12. amitp 9 months ago | reply

    Yep, green was software, red was hardware, and blue was scifi. Red and blue will take longer to implement ;)

  13. arthurcoddington 7 months ago | reply

    Thank you for using the Creative Commons license on this photo. I used it in an article called Elite Action Series Part 1: The Doughnut Issue (

  14. joashokumu 7 months ago | reply

    That looks a bit complicated for a common guy

  15. wakyray 4 weeks ago | reply

    Hmm thats an interesting plan, Nice photo Jobs in Kenya

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