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Raydiance | by jurvetson
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Deep in the bowels of a biotech lab in San Diego this morning… testing a novel desktop femtosecond laser to blast holes in stuff with D.Light (his real name).


During each vanishingly brief pulse, a modern femtosecond laser transmits the equivalent power of all of the world’s power plants put together.


It does not burn materials, but vaporizes them by disassociating the electrons and disrupting the atomic bonds of the target material. The material is literally obliterated at a subatomic level. This makes a clean hole, and neighboring material can be left unharmed.


Through the creative use of fiber optics, Raydiance has miniaturized a laser that normally takes a room full of equipment and skilled operators to an appliance that can fit in a briefcase. This deployment is in cubicle, lined with metal shielding...


Photo by Juan Enriquez, reflected in lens. And he caught the laptop control panel in the other eye.


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Taken on December 11, 2007