Bountiful Blackberries

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    …the kind you eat

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    1. Vanita 106 months ago | reply

      I could eat my weight...

    2. !MimosaMicheMichelle! 106 months ago | reply

      I LOVE the flavour of blackberry tea and blackberry jam.
      Sadly, I never had any fresh blackberries.
      These look delicious!

      La mûre, une baie, est le fruit du mûrier (blackberry bush).

    3. mrmanc 106 months ago | reply

      There's a kind you can't eat?

    4. The Rocketeer 106 months ago | reply

      My mother makes the best blackberry jelly I ever ate.... my favorite.

    5. tbacilek 106 months ago | reply

      nice shot.... so summery!

    6. Leino88 106 months ago | reply

      better than heroin!
      .....oooooohhh... i'm jonesin'!!!
      did you eat these one's after the photo session?

    7. jurvetson 106 months ago | reply

      but of course. Picked enough for two blackberry pies too.

      So KT & V: do these grow wild in Houston too?

      mrmanc: Well, there is a kind of Blackberry made in Canada that makes quite a mess if you try to eat it....

      Crackberry Roller Dial

    8. !MimosaMicheMichelle! 106 months ago | reply

      Now, don't you make fun of our "fruits".

    9. benjiman 106 months ago | reply

      The kind you can't eat is the CrackBerry. Totally addictive and harmful to thumbs.

    10. mrmanc 106 months ago | reply

      These look much better than the ones we have growing around our car park behind the house. I have wonderful memories of going "brambling" around the countryside (White Nancy, Bollington, UK) with a tupperware box - my brothers and I would eat most of them but some would get made into some sort of Charlotte by my mum.

    11. borealnz 97 months ago | reply

      They look delicious!

      Berry and Seed 24-Hour Theme Thread
      The World Through My Eyes.

    12. Arria Belli 83 months ago | reply

      Thanks for uploading your photo under a Creative Commons license. This has enabled its use on Wikimedia Commons (Wikipedia's multimedia repository). You can see its image page here:

    13. yugenro 54 months ago | reply


      We are writing a popsicle recipe book, and would love to use this photo. We would, of course, give you full credit. What do you say?

      Looking forward to your response,

      Keith & Milena

    14. jurvetson 54 months ago | reply

      Sure. send me a pointer when it's up

    15. RumpledElf 46 months ago | reply

      Hi, I used this photo here:

      Thanks for sharing with a CC license!

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