What’s That? (64)

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    Puzzle Series: What is this, or what do you want it to be?

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    1. benjiman 109 months ago | reply

      Ha! LOL. FSM pops up wherever he(she, it?) likes!

      Totally has the cellular automata look. Weird syncronicity: I was just looking in my copy of New Kind Of Science for pics that I recalled in there.

    2. Solitaire1 [deleted] 109 months ago | reply

      not a frisbee I'd wanna catch:)

    3. TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ 109 months ago | reply

      Impressive resemblance of the FSM an the fliud in Benjiman´s video... or maybe is sort of religious pareidolia?

      sue you brought an excellent point here: "catchability". :) What about this fluid? is it touchable or toxic? if touchable, how does it feel? I make a mental comparison to mercury... but may be wrong.

    4. Todd Huffman 109 months ago | reply

      benjiman, that is an amazing video! Thank you so much!

    5. His Noodly Appendage 109 months ago | reply

      Damn. I must actually be some sort of apostate. I thought it was Madonna's new bra.

    6. TroyWorks 109 months ago | reply

      I want it to be another makers faire. I need some extra magnets on discount for hanging some drapes.

    7. benjiman 109 months ago | reply

      Of course, I suppose we don't REALLY need ferrofluids for this sort of crazy stuff.

      Plain old corn starch will start doing pretty amazing shit at the right frequencies.

    8. mrmanc 108 months ago | reply

      More weird science here: www.nature.com/news/2006/060515/full/060515-17.html
      Makes me think of that living cornflour video...

      First to try it out and take a picture gets some shiny kudos.

    9. just_a_name_thingie 108 months ago | reply

      dunno, looks a bit like latex so I like it :P

    10. Ioan Sameli 108 months ago | reply

      Amazing ! That's too cool...

    11. jurvetson 104 months ago | reply

      Yes, latex is good. And now, this image is part of a music video.... What next?

    12. BenODen 104 months ago | reply

      Oooh, congrats. Cool video too. Minimal; a slide show to techno. Who knew that would work? The instrumental portion itself would be too repetitive, but it works with the spoken word and pictures!

      (Oh, and this was over 4 months ago? That time is FLYING!)

    13. TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ 104 months ago | reply

      "what next?"

      'puzzle' t-shirts, 'puzzle' mugs, key rings, posters... 'puzzle' the movie, the 'puzzle' essential book...

      and then all the revivals: the complete 'puzzle' collection... 'puzzle greatest hits, a life with 'puzzle', 'puzzle' an unauthorized biography...

      infinte possibilities.

    14. amy francaise [deleted] 99 months ago | reply

      soooo pretty!!!

    15. Hungry_Hippo [deleted] 98 months ago | reply

      someone dropped marmite on a hedgehog

    16. LoopZilla 93 months ago | reply

      Featured today as Picture of the Day on Commons...


    17. Jim Austin Jimages 85 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Nano Imaging, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      This is a perfect image for the nano group. You would be the first in the group...

      What a NIFTY nano-image!

      nano blue award


    18. pmary665 52 months ago | reply

      Love it, magnetic fluid as art.

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