Frozen Brainstorm

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Had to visit the Professor before class today

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  1. !MimosaMicheMichelle! 110 months ago | reply

    Ongoing workshop! All subjects covered! Many surprises.

    Graphics, bell curves ( so it seems), functions f (x), estimates, staying above thresholds, individuals, formulas. Ahhh, now I am nostalgic for math!

    I did ECGs many years ago. I asked a cardiologist who was interpreting the results for that day, what he thought of our new ink. He said "what new ink?". It was green instead of blue but he was colour blind and saw everything as some kind of brown!This reminds me:

    What happens if the student is colour blind?!!! LOL What a mess that whiteboard would be, all writing indistinguishable and in the same dull colour!

  2. TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ 110 months ago | reply

    COOL! Thanks for the photo! Very interesting! Today I´ll be able to say that I learned something:

    There is a brand of markers for whiteboards called "Expo". And it seems that write very well! Very interesting. ;)

    For the rest written there I don´t catch a legible word. It´s funny that you tagged this: organizational learning! :-P

  3. Peter Kaminski 110 months ago | reply

    Very cool! I'd never thought of just writing over instead of erasing.

    It's like a Jackson Pollack drip painting, but with equations instead of paint. Now, to just start increasing the fractal dimension of the writings... :-)

  4. jurvetson 110 months ago | reply

    Peter: Good guess. The Professor's excuse for this whiteboard is that the eraser is not working. Maybe they are permanent markers....

    Fantastic Pollack association! A math splat.

    Alieness: Ah, the subject matter and the class was on organizational learning models....

  5. TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ 110 months ago | reply

    Cool class: let´s do this, you learn all the formulas and then you explain them to me in words, k? I´ll understand... it´s just those maths that freak me out!

    Pollock associations... of my favorites!

  6. Billy The Kid [deleted] 110 months ago | reply

    Any "Lost" fans will immediatly recognize the similarity to:

  7. jencu 110 months ago | reply

    i wonder what would do with this...

  8. Dragonhide 110 months ago | reply

    I miss being in an university!

  9. NW Chik 110 months ago | reply

    Looking at that whiteboard, I come to
    two conclusions:
    1. I miss college
    2. That prof needs a bigger / more

  10. menlo 109 months ago | reply

    'brain storm' perfect description

  11. Brayo 103 months ago | reply

    Congratulations! Did you know that this is the most interesting photo tagged with "professor"? Please consider posting it to The Most Interesting **Blank** Picture

  12. eatnutmeg 90 months ago | reply

    I've used this on a talesfromtheotherside post for Jan 21. Thansk.

  13. ~BostonBill~ 89 months ago | reply

    strangely nostalgic.

  14. andorand 49 months ago | reply

    Super picture! Used it to illustrate a blog post today (in norwegian, sorry). Thanks for making it available with a CC license :)

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