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Tiny prickly finger-sized cactus has this magnificent 6 inch bloom!

Click image to see this one of BLACK.


This cactus grows unnoticed along the walls of my garden. Until suddenly one morning early, these huge amazing, showy flowers are open, having emerged for only one night! By full sun, they have faded and folded.


I have the much larger Nightblooming Cereus growing near my front gate and around my water fall. The stem of this one is much smaller... only about as big around as your little finger!


Nightblooming Cereus is the common name referring to a large number of flowering cereus cacti that bloom at night. Because of the short life of the flowers, the nightblooming cereus has a romanticized reputation and given rise to erroneous beliefs, such as the plants bloom only once a year, or only on nights when the moon is full.The nightblooming cereus is also referred to as Princess of the Night, Honolulu Queen (for Hylocereus undatus, commonly grown in Hawaii), Queen of the Night, or Reina de la Noche.


Nightblooming Cereus, Princess of the Night, Honolulu Queen, Queen of the Night, reina de la Noche

hylocereus umdatus!

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Taken on June 6, 2012