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Lotus leaf and stem... faithfulness and transformation | by jungle mama
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Lotus leaf and stem... faithfulness and transformation

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Because lotus flowers grow out of muck and mud at the bottom of a pond, Chinese poets use their image to inspire us to continue striving through difficulties and show our best part to the world. To, like the lotus flower, bring beauty and light from the murky darkness at the bottom of our lives and circumstances.


Another meaning of the lotus image comes from the fact that its stalk, which contains many strong sinuous fibers, is easy to bend but very hard to break. Poets use its image to symbolize the unbreakable relationship between lovers or members of a family. To show that, no matter how far apart they might be, nothing can separate them in heart. The lotus flower is a symbol of faithfulness in Buddhism.


The influence of a lotus flower painting is to open us up to beauty and light. A good lotus flower painting can act as a reminder of the miracle of beauty, light and life. This reminder, communicated on an emotional level, is said to aid both spiritual and practical understanding of Tao, the world and our place in it.


Nelumbo nucifera, known by a number of names including Indian Lotus, Sacred Lotus, Bean of India, or simply Lotus, is a plant in the monogeneric family Nelumbonaceae.


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Taken on November 22, 2011