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Baby turtle sunning on lily pad and nibbling its edges | by jungle mama
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Baby turtle sunning on lily pad and nibbling its edges

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My grandson Marc was facing a disaster... or so he thought! His turtle, Marc-ee had grown too big for its tank! He could barely swim around any more and sat for hours on a rock near the top. But a few days later Marc and his brother Sam thought of a solution." We'll take him to Mama's house and let him go in her pond!" And so we did, and quite ceremoniously! 4 adults, 2 kids. And one 4" turtle.


But for Marc, the solution was disappointing. We thought we would see "Marc-ee" sunning himself whenever they came over to visit but he didn't. Marc was sad and stopped looking for his turtle. He had lost a friend.


Several months passed. Driving home from a meeting, Isaw a turtle just like Marc-ee crossing the road in front of me! Of course I stopped and picked him (or her) up, brought it home scrambling noisily in a box I had in the car, and let it go in our pond.


But still there were no turtle sightings, and after renewed expectations, Marc was even more disappointed. Sad times two!!


Now a year later I've started seeing baby turtles everywhere... grazing on moss along on the pond's edge, sunning on water lilies, and straddling fallen banana stalks. The sightings were short and elusive. I called Marc several times and told him what I was seeing but knowing that a picture is worth a 1000 words, I wanted to get one. But whenever I sighted a baby and ran inside to get my camera, it was long gone by the time I got back.


Until today! There was "a next generation Marc-ee" sitting right there in the middle of a lily pad! And this time I was ready, camera in hand. Not only did I get this shot but lots of others. I emailed the baby turtle pictures to Marc so he could finally see what I had been trying to tell him in a 1000 words.


Congratulations, Marc and Sam, your turtle story has had a Happy Ending. Marc-ee has babies! My pond is brimming over with them. Your solution to your "tank's too small problem" turned out to be re-productive!



PS, just so you know, this is the same little Marc who wouldn't let me take his picture but who got excited about going with me to take pictures of shadows... even his own! And who has become a terrific photographer! See my set, No, you can't take my picture!


One more PS, just got a call from my daughter Margaret saying that Marc slipped at school and had to get 6 stitches in his head. Oh well, growing up is tough stuff! Whether you're a boy or a turtle!


Biscayne Park, FL


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Taken on April 4, 2011