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Unusual fuzzy-edged, yellow-flowered succulent from Madagascar...Uncarina roeoesliana | by jungle mama
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Unusual fuzzy-edged, yellow-flowered succulent from Madagascar...Uncarina roeoesliana

Hard to believe this gorgeous yellow trumpet flower and its fuzzy edged leaves and stems sit atop a very gnarly, thick succulent plant from Madagascar! I stumbled upon it at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens here in Miami. Its succulent garden is home to many endangered succulents. A real Nature treasure trove... a bonanza for photographers!


This unusual succulent caudex plant. Caudex plants have a thickened, short, perennial stem that is either underground or near ground level, frequently woody and non-photosynthetic. It may be swollen for water storage, especially in xerophytes. Elongate branches may arise from the caudex, or the leaves may be more or less sessile to the caudex.


Uncarina roeoesliana is from Madagascar and has 2" bright yellow flowers with soft velvet leaves, fun to touch. The flowers are followed by 1.5-2" size, bizarre looking fruit with multiple sticky "horns" which you don't want to touch! They stick to anything, using microscopic hooks on the end of each "horn". The plant grows in well-drained soil, and unlike many succulents, prefers lots of water along with full sun. It forms large caudex. The stem can reach 6 ft.


Uncarina roeoesliana, Pedaliaceae

Madagascan Preserve, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Miami, FL


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Taken on April 10, 2010