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Shiny orange-spiked and red-headed brown Polydamas Caterpillar

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Excited, my friend Judy told me she had Polydamus caterpillars hatching in her yard. So early one morning I drove over to see them.


Finding her house was one thing but finding these tiny caterpillars in her lush backyard was quite another!


She and my husband had a cell phone issue they needed to focus on. So she turned and quickly told me how to find them. " Listen carefully and you can hear them munching!" Dumbfounded I followed her instructions. And my ears took me right to them... orange spikes and all! I could hear them munching, gingerly biting off the crisp edges of the large wandering, viny Aristolochia vine they will be growing up on!


So next time you're looking for a Polydamus caterpillar... if ever you do... remember to listen carefully!


Check out this video of this caterpillar eating... and eating... and eating!


Here is one of it laying eggs...


And here is a caterpillar transforming into a cocoon.


Polydamas caterpillar on Aristolochia vine

Biscayne Park FL

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Taken on July 18, 2009