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    Bridge crossing, Pakistani style.

    This is what I wrote about this moment at the time (May 2004):

    Passu is a small village about ninety minutes by minibus further up the Karakoram Highway from Karimabad. Like Minapin, Passu is a beautiful patchwork of green fields and stone walls set in magnificent surroundings. Snow-capped mountains surround Passu on all sides; the most spectacular of them, known to foreigners as The Cathedral, has a series of jagged stalagmites rising up from it like gothic spires. There are several glaciers a short walk away, and two rickety wooden suspension bridges, reminiscent of something out of the Indiana Jones movies, are also nearby.

    One of those bridges, the one closest to Passu, was the scene for one of the funniest moments of the entire trip, when a Pakistani man attempted to cross the bridge with his goat. The wooden planks were too far apart for the goat to negotiate the bridge on his own, so the man had to carry it. I thought he would take it in his arms as he would a baby, but that was not the case. Instead, he used ropes to tie the goat’s legs together, much to my bemusement. Eventually he hoisted the goat up and, with Wendy’s help, put it on his back and wore it as a backpack; both of the goat’s front legs were tied to the equivalent back leg, creating two open circles into which he could slot his arms. The man slowly crossed the flimsy bridge in this fashion, and the screams of the tormented goat echoed all over the valley.

    1. spaniel shari ages ago | reply

      great story and intriguing photo - I'm glad you shared this and I spotted it!
      The World Through My Eyes

    2. Fort Photo ages ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing the story, it shows how tying a story to a shot can really add a lot of interest. Nice.

      The World Through My Eyes

    3. coldstarbane ages ago | reply

      a great shot; a great story.

    4. flaky pickle [deleted] ages ago | reply

      hilarious! a pity i'd missed this region... but i know for sure i'll return to this amazing country.

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    7. Pen Waggener ages ago | reply

      Great shot and great story

      Seen at http://www.neatorama.com/2007/07/08/he-aint-heavy-hes-my-goat/ (?)

    8. rumana husain ages ago | reply

      great picture. funny too.
      come to think of it, if we can have goats driven on scooters/motorbikes in the urban areas (of course a wife and four children on a motorbike are a common sight too), and charpais, ladders and large mirrors balanced on two-wheelers as well, why can't a goat be hauled on a man's shoulder in Hunza?

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    9. spearhawk ages ago | reply

      amazing! i luv this picture and the story behind it! my favourite. =)

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