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    Mercedes: Check
    Parked diagonally in a handicapped spot: Check
    No license plate: Check

    This must be Steve Jobs' car!

    (Steve, why o why do you keep parking in handicapped spots?)

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    1. pipermacbear 42 months ago | reply

      My father in law died of it, watched him drown from fluid in his lungs. EFF RHoltslander and anyone who is unsympathetic to what SJ might be going through right now.

    2. kidminded 42 months ago | reply

      OK so having cancer probably qualifies you for a handicapped spot. But I think in order to have a handicapped license plate, you need a license plate.

    3. Michael McNeal Photography 42 months ago | reply

      Apple nut-huggers- check!

    4. JasonOGrady 42 months ago | reply

      Someone needs to grab Steve's iPhone and add a "fence" in the Reminders app for all the handicap parking spaces at 1 Infinite Loop. That way it'll gently remind him that it's unlawful to parking in handicapped parking spaces.

      Anyone else find it funny that there's an open (regular) parking space immediately next to the handicap one he chose?


    5. ashnitzer 42 months ago | reply

      You guys are ridiculous and completely uninformed. Pancreatic cancer is horrible; it's easily one of the worst and one of the least survivable. The cancer, along with the treatment, causes intense weakness, susceptibility to disease, constant pain, atrophy, nausea, etc. And that's if you're one of the lucky one in twenty that doesn't immediately die from it.

    6. ciekone 42 months ago | reply

      RIP Steve, you were one of the best. Your vision and energy will carry on.

    7. supichoo 42 months ago | reply

      Apparently it was bad enough to kill him.

    8. tribalsurfer 42 months ago | reply

      How come he gets away with no license plate ??? where are the traffic cops when you need them ? HELLO ???

    9. pipermacbear 42 months ago | reply

      See my earlier comments? I must be some kind of prophet. RIP Steve :(

    10. dreadrocksean 42 months ago | reply

      And how do you assholes feel now?

    11. I <3 Centrelink 42 months ago | reply

      pretty good, steve jobs is an asshole, asshole company too.
      i am so happy he died a slow, prolonged and painful death. Couldnt wish it upon a bigger douchebag! :D

    12. Electr0freak 42 months ago | reply

      Regardless of the fact that Steve Jobs died of cancer, here he is parking a $130,000 sports car diagonally in a handicapped parking spot with no license plate and no handicap parking permit. (You can clearly see no permit in this picture:

      This is illegal. I'm sorry but being terminally ill does not grant anyone the right to break the law. Obviously Steve Jobs thought himself above the law, and that's unfortunate.

    13. I <3 Centrelink 42 months ago | reply

      thats the attitude of Stevey Jobs and Apple, above the common laws and everything else.
      Well guess what you aint above cancer, mwah ha ha

    14. danger monkey 42 months ago | reply

      So how come nobody is asking how we know this is really Steve Jobs' car? Where is this supposed to have been taken? If this is the Apple headquarters then he doesn't need to park in a handicapped spot, I'm sure he has a reserved spot closer than any of the others.

    15. I <3 Centrelink 42 months ago | reply

      okay enuff talk of steve jobs all you have to know about him is two things...
      1. he is an asshole
      2. he is dead!
      let us never mention his name ever again!!!

    16. DigiBentoBox 41 months ago | reply

      Respect for the dead is one of the many things that comprise civilized and mature minds. Idiocy is bred from opportunistic scavengers who no less belong with vermin than with today's society.

      Circumstance also governs events, and therefore it is nobody's place to judge the moral and legal qualities of this incident. Such a focus on a trite offense like this is evidence of how sadly we are clueless of the outside world and all of it's more urgent, pressing matters.

      So please, grow up.

    17. I <3 Centrelink 41 months ago | reply

      You sound like a pseudo intellectual dickhead,
      Respect for the dead? Hitler, Gaddafi, Bin Laden, Jobs???
      You dont have to respect dead assholes!
      It is everyones right to judge events when they see something wrong.
      You are obviously blinded by being on the dick but that is okay you have heaps of company.

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