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Day 179: God Hates Fags, But I Love You.

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Memories are funny to me... How they just appear out of nowhere fascinates me.


This morning while showering, out of nowhere I thought back to 3 days after my fathers funeral...


I got a call from the funeral home saying there was a letter there for me. Without a thought I went down and picked it up. To my surprise it was a "letter" from some "anonymous" party saying since my father's passing I should reconsider my lifestyle and "go straight, lead the path of righteousness, and become a daughter of God. "


I really couldn't believe it. Not that that I couldn't believe it was happening, but rather, I couldn't believe how anonymous it was. After all, I have the guts to live my life so openly. Everyone around me was outraged by this letter, but I was just trying to wrap my mind around it.

How could someone who was clearly a part of my fathers life send this to me knowing how much he loves me?

How inconsiderate could they be to send it so soon?

How IDIOTIC could they be to think I'd actually take anything they had to say into consideration?

Did they REALLY think it would change my mind?


I should take this time I say I have not seen discrimination the same way some of my friends have. I know I am so very lucky for this. And while I see some of these words on my board as being "accepted" by the community, when they come from a hurtful place it's not OK. And this doesn't start and end with gay terms... but anything.


I am by no means an activist, but I truly believe in my heart of hearts we are all equals and to judge someone by their color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender or anything else for that matter is just plain stupid.


This may be my inner hippy, but I truly wish everyone could just get along for fucks sake!


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Taken on March 25, 2008