Sports Room (2011-2015)
The condo Nik and I bought has three bedrooms. This is the third and smallest. It was already painted red when we moved in and since most of our frames and shelves were a dark color, we decided to leave the paint color alone.

The centerpiece of the room is my pair of seats from Shea Stadium. They are seats from the upper deck.

Other highlights of the room include:

A case full of pucks, some of which are autographed.

The broken bat of Mets minor league player Allan Dykstra.

A signed picture of me with Blackhawks player Jonathan Toews.

A custom framed picture of the Blackhawks after winning the Stanley Cup. In the picture are our souvenir season tickets and a picture I took at the 2010-11 home opener/banner raising.

Those are some of the highlights. Search through this set for more detail of other items in the room.
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