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    Cholera has been endemic in Baraka over the last years. Lake Tanganyika may act as a reservoir for the virus. Years of war and absence of government had destroyed the water system and returning refugees had dangerously overcrowded Baraka. From here the bacteria spread along the roads up the coast and in land causing smaller epidemics in Lulimba, Kilembwe and elsewhere.
    Late last year UNICEF and with a local NGO CHR and the local water authority started the construction of a 30km piped water system bringing water down from the hills with water fountains across the town. It provides more than 30,000 people with drinking water. Cholera has all but disappeared. MSF is closing down their Cholera Treatment Centre due to lack of patients. Cholera has significantly reduced throughout the territory of Fizi. It has the additional benefit of reducing the distances women and child have to carry 20kg jerricans of water.
    Olivier Thonet our water and sanitation was the main driving force behind the project. Olivier and I had come to do the inauguration of the project. Olivier is obsessed by the fight against cholera. For the five days we were together irrespective of the time of day or night he was questioning and discussing how we can eliminate Cholera in the east of DRC.

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    1. Jaymal 83 months ago | reply

      Sounds like a great success story.

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      Hi, I'm Eric from the group called Water For Sale, and I'd like to have your photo added to the group. Join the group, look at the cool photos, and post your thoughts. Thanks!

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      Hi, I am Deyaa I would like to use your photo for a brochure for a water filtration device. Could you please reply to us with a confirmation if it is ok with you, thanks.

    4. elwetritsche 58 months ago | reply

      Thank you for publishing this excellent photo with the Creative Commons license. I used it for an article on a Safe Water Project in Iraq

    5. operaticomnivore 54 months ago | reply

      Great photo! I've also used it for my blog with credit and a link:

      Thanks for sharing!

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      Would you mind if we used a cut-out of the tap and water on our new website. It will be very small at about 50 pixels?

    7. Julien Harneis 41 months ago | reply

      It would be my pleasure

    8. ummlulu 25 months ago | reply

      Hi! Would it be ok to use this photo in a training set for an antidiarrhoea project in Zambia? The photo would go into a slide set that would be used for both training trainers, and also in a flip chart that would go to recipients of training (health promoters and ORS retailers). The flip chart would not be sold, but given out as part of the training to participants. And if we wanted to use the picture for something besides the trainings, we would let you know.

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