Biscuit's Garland
This was very fun to make with the BIscuit (aged five) on a snowy Sunday morning. Blog post at Fricknits.
You'll need:
felt (we used 20 different colors, but you could do all the same or fewer or more...up to you!)
fabric scraps (again we used 20 different prints to coordinate with our 20 colors, but you could go more matchy-matchy!)
Heat 'n Bond double-sided fusible stuff
rick-rack or ribbon or homemade
bias tape (it took us 2 pkgs)
thread to match the rick-rack
white marking pencil
regular lead pencil
sewing machine (unless you want to stitch by hand, which would work, but take a while)

Five year-old helper is totally optional, but this was a great project to do with a kiddo. He loved it, it had the right amount of downtime, and it involved color, choices, design, fine motor skills, and bossing me around. So you can see the appeal.

OK, let's make a garland.
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