• See these white blooms? This is Ladino clover......properly managed pastures can support this plant.
  • See the shade? Can't beat it for a bovine afternoon nap.....sometimes humans do it too...:)
  • Bovine digestion and efficient use of plant materials that humans could not and would not eat, in my opinion, is the 8th wonder of the world. Trust me, the grass grows much better than row crops or veggies would in lots of places....:)
  • Vets put this tiny metal eartag on with a number to identify females. - midwestjournal
  • Most of the rest of this pasture looks to be Fescue, a grass that make Missouri one of the top beef producers in the nation. - midwestjournal

Stealing the Scene-Cattle in Landscape

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She was funny and stopped in mid-meal to look at the strange person with the camera.
*Fact-Missouri ranks second for the number of cows and calves in the beef industry. In this part of Missouri, there are many farms and ranches specializing in beef production.

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  1. homesteadinginmaine 58 months ago | reply

    Nice photo! They look very content.

  2. Dieguita 58 months ago | reply

    Love it!

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    I wish I'd taken it!!!

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  3. midwestjournal 55 months ago | reply

    Great shot of our dear old Missouri Angus. Just like mine at home - content with all the grass they can eat.

    Thanks for putting this up as Creative Commons license - I used this for a new blog I'm just starting, with a post about Missouri grass fed beef cattle.

    If you've got more of these, I have tons of blog posts to use them in my beef cattle blogs - looks like I'm just going to have to make some time to go through the rest of your photos!

  4. onegodlywoman1970 54 months ago | reply

    Great set! I love farms! This is a great shot!

  5. RealFitMama 53 months ago | reply

    I adore this photo! I used it on an article I wrote for examiner.com regarding Children's Nutrition & Exercise. I gave you full photo credit AND thanked you in the article!! Thanks for an amazing photo of a very beautiful creature.

  6. RealFitMama 53 months ago | reply

    I forgot to give you the link to the article! Oops.... www.examiner.com/examiner/x-30631-St-Louis-Kids-Nutrition.... I also write a blog called Diary of a Wanna-Be Health Nut. Check it out!

  7. buckdenton13 52 months ago | reply

    I used this photo in a blog post:


    I gave the necessary "Photo source for attribution" and other information.

    Thank you very much.


  8. julieabrown1 52 months ago | reply

    This photo was also used in a blog postfor The Atlantic Monthly.
    I am honored that an image I captured on our farm is useful in the discussion of modern quality beef production.

  9. bobsustain 51 months ago | reply


    What a great picture! Credits given to you on a piece for the Examiner I'm doing for the community, sustainable farms in Wisconsin.

  10. julieabrown1 51 months ago | reply

    The article by the poster above can be found at:
    Community Farms and Sustainable Energy

  11. spraguie 34 months ago | reply

    i'd really like to make this my desktop on my computer..

  12. julieabrown1 34 months ago | reply

    @Spraguie-you can do that, sure. Enjoy. :)

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