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Knight of Swords | by juliatenney
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Knight of Swords

Standard symbolism includes: Butterflies (or Wings), Crystal/Fractal images (Thoth), Clouds. (Sourced from my Queen of Swords). Tarot fans might recognize this card as a nod to the Aquarian Tarot. I had a "special" relationship with its men of swords back in college.


Standard meanings include:

Fire of Air. Like all Knights, younger man in motion. Intellectual, private. (Per college: he was too busy doing big things, thinking deep thoughts, to pay attention to me.)


Ob. NIN reference:

Yeah, none. It's Marcus Mumford.

Mary didn't have a new poem, so I punted. Biggest event last week was seeing Mumford & Sons in concert, after totally falling in love with them at Red Rocks. (Hence mandolin, red rocks silhouette, and if you really squint, you might see their current tour art).


He's an Aquarius, Air... so... Swords? Sure, why not? (Folks were campaigning for the King of Swords, but... Marcus seems to me still too young for that card. Of the court cards, only the Kings get facial hair. But, I'm enough of a Photoshop bad-ass to get him clean-shaven.)


Also... he's a motorcycle buff, which totally fits the Knight. (Hence helmet & gloves). During the blizzard folks gave "helpful" imagery suggestions, resulting in the composite sword of a "dirk" and "fork" (trident). The design was done by the grammys, else I might've added one in, which would've given me a NIN reference, since Trent also won another one this year.

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Uploaded on February 13, 2013