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The boy with his head in the clouds.

10/52 Thursday 22nd December 2011


This was an idea i had in mind for quite sometime now! finally have a bit of free time with Christmas Holidays so i decided to get this shot done xD The weather was quite horrible... extremely windy and it was freezing...but at least i still managed to shoot :) (NEW YEAR photographic resolution - start taking more self portraits and stop being so shy in front of the camera HAHA)


A little update on my life (for those who care lol)...been really busy with university work! like seriously...i hardly ever leave the house HAHA but i'm enjoying it! It's been a confusing year... since i wasn't too sure whether i should continue architecture or not!! but things are starting to turn around! so I'm extremely grateful! :D that's pretty much it for me! uni + photos...not too exciting! HAHA hope you all have an amazing Christmas! blessings!



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Taken on December 22, 2011