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day one hundred and two

totally inspired by this lovely picture, but mine is so bad


tagged !!!! by Jamie,check out her stream ! thanks :)


1 - I bite my nails, and right now they really hurt :( i will try not to anymore (i know i always say that but actually never do it)

2 - I like thinking about life, people, situations, but sometimes i really consider that i should DO what i think about.

3 - my dad painted that city for me, it's a lovely big picture that's in my bedroom <333 (those hands are reflected from the wall)

4 - if i were rich i would travel the whole world the whole year! for me it's one of the most important things we can do, it opens our minds, all those different cultures and traditions and people and ways of thinking

5 - as you see i'm just writing random things, i haven't got much to say

6 - could someone pleeeease give me some good music ? i'm tired of listening to the same kinda commercial music every single day hahaha thanks

7 - i must be the only person who does not have one of those shaped plastic bracelets yet :) i like them so much, but everyone is wearing them now over here

8 - this is what i had for dinner today : a banana, two biscuits, a yogurt and two mandarine oranges. mmmmmm delicious :P

9 - i should appreciate a bit more all the things i've got in my life, the reasons for what i should feel happy

10 - finished, i'm too tired (here it's 00:13) and have nothing else to say !

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Taken on November 5, 2010