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Mariah (Day 2) 2012.09.08

Portrait of Mariah O'Neill for Julia Kay;s Portrait Party (JKPP)


Acrylic paint on paper - stupidly on a piece of paper that already had the crease in it before I started. *sigh*

Freehand from a self-portrait of Mariah's (see below)

The first session was left and right, about an hour, the second day was two hours and right-handed. So three hours and mostly right-handed.

9 X 12 inches


So I finally used up the red paint, and got out the greens so I could re-paint Mariah's rudolph nose to actually go with the rest of the painting. That didn't take tooooo long but of course once you make one change everything else falls out of balance... and I started noticing other issues... the eyes weren't aligned, the far side of the face was too wide... well to make a long story short, I pretty much re-painted the whole thing. Only two small areas stayed the same - can anyone see which they are? (Original below)


While I think it is overall an improvement, I do now see other things to 'fix' - in particular sorry about the 'black eye' on the right.


It was also interesting to switch back to acrylics after a couple weeks using oils. On the one hand it was great that everything was flat and dry so I could just move her eye, for instance. But in other areas I kept having to remix colors that had dried on the palette, and to remix both the color I was adding and the color adjacent to it so I could blend. With the oils you just work the new color into the existing color - literally pushing the paint around on the canvas, as the saying goes.


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Taken on September 9, 2012