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Firework | by Mademoiselle Julia
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Oh my goodness. Before I continue to say anything, I just want to announce that i have a new website up :)


It matches my business cards and banding and all that good stuff. Plus I think it looks great, don't know about you but I hope that you agree.


Second of all, I just want to thank all of ya'll out there that have been commenting on my photos and making blog posts about me even though I clearly have not been posting photos up regularly. HOWEVER DESPITE THE FACT THAT YOU LIKE MY PHOTOS, YOU'VE ALL BEEN TOO LAZY TO LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE. I joke, I joke- love you guys and gals :) Thank you very much for your support.


Third of all, I have not taken photos since August. I was so image-depraved and creativity-hungry that I decided I was going to go out and work on my photographiez today. Also I spent all of last night watching Tamra Lackey and Jasmine Star on creative live so I was freakin' ready to photograph whatever happened to be in front of my face.

Honestly, as some of you may know, I don't really like taking photos of plans and twigs and rocks. However, I don't have models on demand at my house so I had to settle. So i was like 'Great! lets go out and kick some photography butt" and SERIOUSLY, i pick up my camera and I was like "uhhh...


I forgot how to use my camera"


I mean, I could still take pictures and change the settings and stuff, but at one point i forgot what button to click to see the histogram. It was just a really traumatizing experience.

In the end, after I finally remembered how to take a photo, I took around 40 images using only my 50mm f1.28 (i haven't used that lens in a while so i decided that it was time) and I practiced some new compositions and angles and back lighting and all that good stuff.




I'll post up some more photos tomorrow, but enjoy this one today


Also don't forget to like my facebook page and follow me

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Taken on November 5, 2011