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Sorry that the horrible title was up...my mom pulled my internet and yeahh :)


so, I have 5 minutes, so I'm going to do a tag thing cus I've been tagged a buncha times.


1. I hate the color pink

2. My house gets a horrible golden hour

3. I can't sleep with even the slightest bit of light in my room, unless I am horribly sick or jet lagged

4. I love to write testimonials, but I never get any myself...although I love the ones I have

5. This was edited by Hannah

6. This is the first photo in a veryy long time that I actually like a lot.

7. I love to sing, but I'm to scared to ever do it.

8. I have a stuffed animal named Rudolph. He is the awsomest thing ever.

9. One day I hope to be a famous photographer, although it's not gonna happen.

10. The light coming through my window is gorgeous <3

11. This is my second attempt at a 365 :)


So, this is my one month mark, and I can't believe that I got even this far!



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Taken on July 12, 2010