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School Of Longfin Bannerfish

Oh do you love his pouting lips?!:D



This fish is recognized by its elongated dorsal spine and the bony protuberance on the forehead, differentiating it from other butterflyfish. This coral dwelling fish is laterally flattened and oval in shape. Most juvenile coloration and characteristics are retained in the adult, but the dorsal spine length increases as the fish matures (Steene, 1977). Heniochus acuminatus has a white body with two broad black bands running vertically behind the eye. Soft yellow dorsal and caudal fins are also characteristic features. They have a long snout/jaws, and bristlelike teeth allowing them to reach their main food source present in crevices in coral reefs. These fish grow to be between approximately 15-20 cm in length (Bailey, 1998).

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Taken on May 4, 2009