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Monday Night Combat Mini-14





"Welcome folkes, i'm Tom, in this week's MNC, we'll be discussing January CTF Month, but first, let's check out Holland-Greece."


"Sure thing Tom, it looks like Holland makes a great start, with the two favourites rushing towards Greece's flag!"


"Yes Chad, we see Shockwave with his SCAR and Juice with his Mini-14s, which he is currently dual wielding!

And they're tearing the place apart!"


"OOOOHHHH, that's gotta hurt!"


"Yes, i wonder how that Greek liked a bullet to the knee!"


"Juice is going in for the finish, he holsters his rifles and grabs his Katana and OOOOOHHHWWW!!"


"Blood everywhere!

Holland; One!

Greece; Zero!"


"Glad he didn't take an arrow to the knee!"


"Shut the fuck up with that meme Chad!"


"Go fuck yourself Tom, you're only here because we needed at least one Afro-American host."


"We'll be back after the break!"


Credit to Shockwave, Bowlingdude and Warpig!


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Taken on January 24, 2012