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    more bikes. bikes and bikes and bikes and bikes..

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    1. mrSAY [DNAK:EARWIGS] 63 months ago | reply

      Gotta love them bikes

    2. PENISPENISPENISPENISPENIS [deleted] 63 months ago | reply


    3. eye never sleep 63 months ago | reply

      really diggin these....

    4. NEBER1Z 57 months ago | reply

      this might sound dumb..... but i was just curious, why bikes dude?..........

    5. JUICE ico/suk 57 months ago | reply

      neber.. not a dumb question. i was a bike messenger in philly in the 80. then a bike messenger briefly in san fran. over my 10 years in san fran, i never had a car, rarely rode the bus. i hung out with bike messengers, hung out in bike messenger bars and smoked lotsa weed with them. with my graffiti, my bike was a big part of it. i used the bike when i went out bombing, usually solo. you can lean the bike against the wall, and get up on it like a ladder to hit the high spots. i can ride nest to a moving bus and slap stickers on it. san fran is a small city, square miles-wise.. so you can easily get from one end of town to the other on the bike. i loved my bike. hence the logo. --juice

    6. CalzetinesApestosos 51 months ago | reply

      these are dope!!!! hope to get some of these in exchange for the pack i sent you!!

    7. JUICE ico/suk 51 months ago | reply

      you will be getting lotsa these. its kinda what i do. mostly these. but i do other stuff to. but the bikes are kinda what im known for. so i stick with it. thanks!

    8. CalzetinesApestosos 51 months ago | reply

      thanks man, i appreciate it!
      that one with the curved handle bar is TIGHT.. maybe you can throw some of those in there for me.

    9. JUICE ico/suk 51 months ago | reply

      sure! those are rare i really dont make too many of those. curved handlebar=10 speed bikes sure man i'll hook you up.

    10. John Diogenous 23 months ago | reply

      Great piece! Thanks for sharing!

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