• Design dissent, anarchy, and rebel graphic design books
  • HCI, GUI, IxD basics
  • Art Director's Annuals
  • Advertising, best of newspaper design, graphic lounge books
  • Design References/History
  • Design and HCI process books (YAWN!)
  • Information Design, Mapping, InfoViz and Graphics
  • graphic arts, drawing, design in nature
  • Product Design, Physical Space Design
  • Design + Business, Innovation
  • Sustainable design
  • Little tidbits
  • Type, Book design
  • Health + Design
  • Extras... this is the stack one can draw from to give books to guest speakers, fellow designers and engineers, interns, and colleagues who want to learn more about Design
  • Symbols, Signs, oh my!
    + how to fold books
  • Some of my favorite Design books: Cathedral and the Bazaar, Designing for People, Design of Everyday Things, Laws of Simplicity, Mythical Man Month, Whatever you think Think the Opposite....
  • Media + Aesthetics Theory
  • Citizen Kane postage stamp
  • Make your own tshirt print kit (I've only made 3 different shirts so far).
  • Strunk+White, Business Miscellany, Schott's 2006 Almanac, and a few small goodies
  • "Smarter decisions based on beautiful evidence" poster
  • software stuff
  • Manuals, hardware how-tos
  • Index series w/ultra cool but useless carrying case. I should really use the case for something else.
  • Hand-written notes over the past month... kept handy before trashing (most) or scrapbooked/archived (1-2 pieces of paper tops).
  • Mostly crap (like cheeze-filled management books). 3 good books in there: Visual dictionary, Unix admin, and the HCI tome from mid-1990s (now a bit dated but ideas are ok).
  • IDEO cards... haven't really used them. I have opened them up a few times but I haven't integrated them into design crits. Just haven't.

Bigger Bookcase

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I finally got a bigger bookcase for my office. I still have books on the floor and double stacked on the bottom row (and even books behind them)... time to start giving them away.

For the basic library (many of the books shown here): www.librarything.com/catalog.php?view=jsonin

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