raymond the carpenter

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    One of the inhabitants of Whiteway, the utopian-tolstoyan-anarchist community in Gloucestershire, Ray was a founder member of the Cotswold Co-operative Handicrafts Guild, which lasted from 1922-1930. Taken in 192[4] by a summer visitor to Whiteway.
    For more on Whiteway, see


    1. helen.2006 ages ago | reply

      He looks kind of tolstoyan (not that I'm stereotyping or anything) :))

    2. locus_imagination ages ago | reply

      Thanks for posting this series of images :)

    3. sludgegulper 119 months ago | reply

      Even in Joy Thacker's very readable book, he is just known as Ray.. but I see p128 that he was a French C.O.,who wanted to keep his identity secret. A bit odd, though after all these years that it still is. Quite a lot of the names in Nellie Shaw's book are misleading.

    4. JudyGr 119 months ago | reply

      It says Ray or Raymond on the back of the photos, so that must be the first name he was known by, at least. I think people often became known by the new names they took on when they came to live in Whiteway - so it's not just that pseudonyms were adopted for books or articles.

    5. sludgegulper 119 months ago | reply

      Of course, but as far as I can see, he was unique in not having a surname in Joy T's account. though there are other pictures there of him.. One can understand why even future generations must possibly be kept in the dark . Mrs Thacker has in any case fleshed out some of N.Shaw's pseudonyns.. Perhaps he never told them!
      I heard years ago that Peter the Painter had gone to ground there, but of course that would never be admitted officially and certainly it is not provable. Perhaps just another myth.

    6. JudyGr 119 months ago | reply

      Yes, I was told the Peter the Painter story as well. Maybe now the Russian archives are opening up, there will be more of the story in there. Whether or not is is true, it's a good tale!

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