iBook G4 HD Upgrade
I decided to upgrade the pitifully small 30GB hard drive on my iBook G4. Unfortunately this is not really an upgrade that the iBook is designed for (on a MacBook you only need to take out two or three screws to perform this exact same upgrade). You need to disassemble the entire iBook to get at the HD. Luckily there are some very detailed and well-documented walk-throughs available online that made the process a lot less intimidating. After you get past the initial shock of seeing your computer's guts you'll realize that its mostly just keeping track of screws and a little bit of plugging and unplugging components from the logic board.

The walkthrough that I followed was at iFixit.com:


I'm posting some photos here so that people can see my experience using iFixit's guide. Aside from one careless oversight during the reassambely everything went perfectley.
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