Powered By Fiction at Emerge 2012
In March 2012, we traveled to Arizona State University in Tempe to participate in the Emerge 2012 conference and to put on the Powered by Fiction exhibit alongside the conference. I had worked to organize the exhibit as part of my internship at Intel Labs, and Josh was along to represent Captain Chronomek, our Steampunk superhero who was one of the featured characters in the exhibit. Powered by Fiction looked at how "design fiction" inspires people to create and make physical objects, costumes, and props connected to fictional worlds. The exhibit was designed by the awesome Portland studio Incubate Design, and also featured the work of Mark Thomson (Henry Hoke), Paul Guinan & Anina Bennett (Boilerplate) and Adiel Fernandez (AdielAngel). The Captain Chronomek comic was drawn by Kieron Dwyer and scripted by Jeff Parker.
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