Photographic Psychology
My whole photostream is an ongoing meditation on photographic psychology: how we create, share, and react to images, especially concerning digital photography and online photosharing, like here in flickr.

This set in Flickr contains some of my more highlighted aspects of Photographic Psychology, including essays that appear in my online book "Photographic Psychology: Image and Psyche." It’s a book about the design, interpretation, and psychological impact of visual images based on photography. As a psychologist, I will bring ideas from my field into this exploration of how we create and react to images.

This book is evolving. In the weeks and months to come, I will add new chapters. You are welcome to participate! Feel free to post comments, and if you have images that relate to the chapters, I welcome you to post them.

An easier to read and navigate version of the book is located here. These two versions of Photographic Psychology are an experiment in integrating a stand-alone website/book with one embedded in a social network.
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