Traffic Jam

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Damn this traffic jam
How I hate to be late
It hurts my motor to go so slow
Time I get home my supper be cold
Damn this traffic jam.

Actually, unlike James Taylor’s song, this jam is on my way TO work. Those of you who have been following this photographic essay about my commute may wonder, “Is John’s luck about to run out?”

(to be continued)….

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  1. Pandiyan 120 months ago | reply

    John's adventures in Toyota Country! Let us see how this turns out.

  2. trykemom 120 months ago | reply

    Love seeing the exhaust coming up. I can almost smell it.

  3. John Suler's PhotoPsychology 120 months ago | reply

    @Pandiyan: And I'm driving one too! :-)

    @trykemom: Yeah, I like that exhaust too... at least for photography sake. I keep my car's circulation button on "closed."

    I like your note about the lines! This shot was very busy in its original form, so I decided to blow out the upper right corner and burn the lower left to simplify it, and (symbolically) create a "caught between the dark and the light" sort of feeling. I'm glad I didn't eliminate those lines that you point out.

  4. trykemom 120 months ago | reply

    I would think the red light helps keep the context too.

  5. frogmuseum2 120 months ago | reply

    In this, as in most situations, a camera is handy to while awhile the wait. What I particularly find my eye wandering to is the lovely reflection of the branches in the back windshield of the car just ahead of you; this keeps me anchored from that blurred white yonder, which I find a bit of a puzzle... :-)

  6. John Suler's PhotoPsychology 120 months ago | reply

    Thanks for your comment, frog! You mean that blowout at the top? There was a lot of detail up there (wires, more lights, signs) that seemed to make the shot just too busy, so I blew that area out, and darked the opposite corner for a slightly surreal effect... A foreshadowing of things to come in this epic commute! :-)

  7. TheLizardQueen 120 months ago | reply

    Interesting shot JS! I was also drawn to the tree branches in the rear window. Also the different signs! What's the 27, 37, 47 all about??

  8. maesk 120 months ago | reply

    I like the atmosphere in this one - it makes you want to get away. I can feel the impatience. Your treatment is great, too!

  9. ShawnXian (Busy Healing!) 120 months ago | reply

    Ilove the reflections of tree branches on the back window in front of you.

  10. John Suler's PhotoPsychology 120 months ago | reply

    @LQ: They're gas prices, truncated!

    @maesk: thanks! If not for having a camera to keep me busy, I would have been more impatient at this jam.

    @shawn: I'm glad people are mentioning those reflections. I didn't consciously notice them myself!

  11. Gale Franey 120 months ago | reply

    ooooh come now, Johny, surely you've learned the relaxation techniques ... first contemplate the tips of your toes ... relax each of them ... then begin to relax upwards, pausing momentarily at the ankles, then through the calves to the knees .... and breathe deeply iiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn, then exhale ooooooouuuuuuuuuut, then resume the relaxation technique ... moving slowly up the thighs ... then once again iiiiiiiinnnnnnnnhale, lovely .... then ..... eeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxhale ..... beautiful .... and so on and so forth up the body until you set freeeeeee each chakra .... and onward and upward towards bodhi sattva !!!! :-D .... :-D

  12. John Suler's PhotoPsychology 120 months ago | reply

    iiinnnnnn....... oooooutttt.... iiiinnn....... ooouuuut

    thanks gale. I feel better already! :-)

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