I spy with my eight eyes

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    If ever a spider could be considered cute, it would be this little guy.

    I am actually a little down on spiders right now because my husband was bitten by a brown recluse on Monday. Here's a tip: Never, ever do a Flickr tag search for "brown recluse" and arrange results by interestingness. Just sayin'.

    He was bitten in our bedroom, and we have yet to locate the sucker. Needless to say, I'm sleeping on the futon in the living room for the time being.

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    1. artfisch 83 months ago | reply

      oh my... I just had to look at the recluse link.... now I'm afraid to live. your spider photo is adorable.. but if I was face to face with it I feel like I would be more then freakin out. you must have a fantastic lens. I feel just awful for your man.

      I heard there's hardly ever just one recluse spider... so if it was in your house I'd bomb it too.

    2. DJHEAVYD 83 months ago | reply

      Wolf spider?
      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    3. compscigrad 83 months ago | reply

      Very cool shot!

      Maybe with more practice, I'll be able to take shots this nice :)

      Seen in the interestingness archives. (?)

    4. StarrGazr 83 months ago | reply

      Gosh, I can't believe I have to agree with you that he is cute....I'm not one who is very fond of spiders. Sorry to hear about your husband. I don't think I would even been able to sleep in the house. And not to worry...I won't do that search...No way, no how!

      Did I say this guy is cute?

    5. Lesstimeonlinein09 [deleted] 83 months ago | reply

      Many thanks for that brown recluse Flickr tag search suggestion. I am glad I live in a civilised country where there are no venemous creatures, except neighbours.
      Good luck to your hubby.

    6. Mary Jane 2040 83 months ago | reply

      You photographed the love child ofItsy and Bitsy
      I hadn't thought about them for decades.

    7. Kojo_46 83 months ago | reply

      Excellent macro.

    8. nature_lover 83 months ago | reply

      Wonderful shot!

    9. Esther17 83 months ago | reply

      how's the hubby, J? did you bomb the house yet?

      i am completely heebie jeebied out, btw, and will not look at that link teter listed for all the tea in china.

    10. J. Star 83 months ago | reply

      Heh, thanks for the comments everyone :) My dude is making a very nice recovery thanks to the antibiotics--his bite didn't go necrotic, so there's no rotting flesh or anything uber-disgusting like that.

      And hey, I said *not* to look at brown recluse tags, so y'all have no one but yourselves to blame for that! /evil snicker

      To the person who asked about the lens--it's a Sigma 105 macro. Nothing too fancy. I actually used on-camera flash for this little dude because he was pretty far down in the shadows.

    11. Rob :) 83 months ago | reply

      Oooh, Sigma 105, thats two things we have in common! huzzah!

    12. Inge Meinardi 83 months ago | reply

      Brrrr, but very beautiful...

    13. neonlike 82 months ago | reply

      holy %^&*

      I mean, wow, great shot! :-)

    14. lime tree [deleted] 81 months ago | reply

      this spider is cute.
      ugh ive googled brown recluse pictures before because i had seen a picture of a bite and didnt know what it was. so terrifying.

    15. unfocused mike 78 months ago | reply

      awesome shot.

      um, do you think this spider has an eyelash curler?

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