I’m working on a project photographing letterpress printers, type founders, book binders, paper makers, and other artisans of the assorted book & printing arts. I started photographing around my home of Portland, Oregon, and am now traveling around the country for a few months, photographing artists & craftspersons, their studios, and their work. I will be exhibiting the photographs as prints, and am planning to produce a book, with text as well as images.

In this project, I want to capture the sense of working with these tangible, hands-on, messy, non-virtual processes: the presses, casters, plates, lead type, paper, ink, and other apparatus. I’m also interested in exploring the current dynamics of online/digital production versus the “analog” technology, as well as the history of both the tools and the craftspeople.

Along with being a photographer and writer, I’m also a typographer, designer, and printmaker. Much of my work has been in the digital domain, but I’m familiar with the history, tools, and methods of printing, casting, binding, etc.

If you'd like to be involved in the project, or learn more, please feel free to contact me at johnl@johnlabovitz.com.
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